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Dr. Sarah's Essentials

Tough as Nails Pain Relief Gift Set

Tough as Nails Pain Relief Gift Set

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Arnica Ice* | Arnica Ointment | Old Fashioned Udder Balm* | Itch Ease

*Extra-strength ingredients may irritate sensitive skin

Arnica Ice (4 oz) is a 100% natural extra strength deep warm cooling pain-relieving lotion. Great for pain, edema, swelling, and inflammation.

Useful on people and pets!  

Compare to Icy Hot or Biofreeze.

Arnica Ointment (4 oz) is a 100% natural ointment that is great for eczema, cracked skin, or inflamed tissue. This anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ointment with arnica, calendula, turmeric, and essential oils can be messaged into bruised, injured, inflamed, or infected tissue.

Old Fashioned Udder Balm (4 oz) is great for irritated, inflamed, infected, dry, chapped, or cracked skin. This is an extra-strength herbal blend with therapeutic essential oils.

Itch Ease (4 oz) is great for eczema, irritated skin, burns, bug bites, and infections. This is an all-natural soothing herbal blend with therapeutic essential oils.

Dr. Sarah’s Essentials are natural healing skincare products that utilize only high-quality, non-toxic, natural ingredients to promote health and healing. Locally and joyfully made in Arcadia, WI.

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