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Dr. Sarah's Essentials

Dental Care

Dental Care

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Dental Care | Made with all-natural, bacterial-fighting probiotic ingredients to support good dental health, fight gum disease, and freshen breath.

Targets plaque, tartar, and bad breath right at the source.  No brushing required!

Directions:  Shake Well.

Once daily, gently pull back on lips and spray directly onto pet's teeth and gums. Best used in combination of withholding food and water for 30 minutes before and after application. 

All-natural, safe and effective ingredients for dogs, cats, and pocket pets!

Ingredients: Aloe Vera*, Witch Hazel*, Probiotic (Lactobacillus), Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Water, and Essential Oils of: Cinnamon and Frankincense.

 *denotes Organic.

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