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Dr. Paul

Antioxidant Blend Tincture

Antioxidant Blend Tincture

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Dr. Paul's Antioxidant Blend contains a blend of antioxidants that last in the body much longer than straight Vitamin C used at 6cc twice a day in liver cases, toxic situations, infections such as pneumonia and mastitis and in cases of tissue damage. This product is a high quality tincture made from organic or wild harvested plants without any prohibited substances. Tincture is standardized for content. This tincture is bottled in an 8 ounce amber glass jar to preserve the integrity of the product.

Ingredients: Organic Grain Alcohol, Pau d' Arco, Aronia Berries, Rose Hips, Echinacea and Apple Cider Vinegar.

Directions: 3 cc to 5 cc administered orally up to 3 times daily as needed.

Good for fighting toxins in the body.

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