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Dr. Paul

Aloe/Garlic/Kelp Pellets

Aloe/Garlic/Kelp Pellets

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 Aloe/Garlic/Kelp Pellets contain a unique combination of aloe and kelp for unparalleled immune support, this combination also provides a trace element for enzyme production.

These pellets are a very palatable blend of kelp, garlic, aloe, and molasses. This product can greatly reduce shipping fever when fed 3 days prior to shipping and 10-14 days after, it will boost immunity in calves during weaning when 1 oz./200 lbs. is added to creep feed, works great with coughing calves and sneezing poultry. It will also support antibody production when fed for 5-7 days after vaccinations and gives a very effective immune boost on any animal running a fever from an infection.

Good to use for any change in animals life (weather, shipping, weening, anytime immune system is challenged, etc). Fed topically.

Ingredients: Organic Wheat Midds, Organic Alfalfa meal, Organic Molasses, Sea Kelp, Aloe Extract, Garlic Extract and Calcium Carbonate.

Directions: Feed 5 oz pellets for an adult bovine, 2-3 oz for young stock twice daily until desired effect. Administer 3 days before shipping and continue for 14 days after shipping.

Please call the office for shipping rates for the 25 lb & 40 lb bag of Aloe Pellets.

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