Dr. Paul

As more and more of his clients became organic certified, he changed his conventional practice into organic/sustainable and expanded into the soils world. After taking many, many classes over the course of several year, he became very knowledgeable on the Albrecht Soils Systems and is considered one of the top Holistic Veterinarians in the country. Dr. Dettloff’s hip and shoulder dictated he leave day to day on farm practice.

In 1998, the first tincture was made by Dr. Dettloff, which was the beginning of Dr. Paul’s Lab. He has spent years studying different herbs and different combination of herbs and has come up with a complete line of tinctures and botanicals to treat various ailments organically/naturally.

Dr. Paul is an Industry Consultant on sustainable agriculture, is a staff veternarian for Organic Valley Coop in Wisconsin and Owner of Dr. Paul’s Lab, LLC. He has trained farmers across the U.S. on how to use natural products. Dr. Paul has spoken at nearly every organic/sustainable conference in the U.S. and Canada.

Dr. Paul has authored a book on alternative treatments for Ruminants. It is in its 2nd Edition and is available at Acres USA or Dr. Pauls Lab and its Dealers. A 2nd book just recently published by Dr. Paul is “Musings of an old country vet”. This includes hundreds of cartoons, poems and antedotes (humerous) from 48 years of being a country vet.