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Dr. Sarah's Essentials

Arnica Ice Lotion (Deep Warm Cooling Treatment)

Arnica Ice Lotion (Deep Warm Cooling Treatment)

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Arnica Ice is a 100% natural extra strength deep warm cooling pain-relieving lotion. Great for pain, edema, swelling, and inflammation.

Useful on people and pets!  

Compare to Icy Hot or Biofreeze.

Active ingredients:  Menthol, Organic Arnica Montana Extract, Organic White Willow Bark Extract, Turmeric Root Extract, and Essential Oils of Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Rosemary. 

Dr. Sarah’s Essentials are natural healing skin care products that utilize only high quality, non-toxic, natural ingredients to promote health and healing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Very good product

Lori Myhra

Just started using this and seems to feel real nice! Thank you!

It really works!

This product saved me this past winter when I herniated a disc in my low back. I am a massage therapist and I use this every evening on my hands and wrists. The relief is almost instant and long lasting. I will repurchase.

Better than Biofreeze

This stuff is a new favorite at my house. It’s replaced our Biofreeze and we love it! Works perfectly!

Thank you so much for your comments. Means the world to our business. So glad you love Arnica Ice! Dr Sarah

Melinda P.
Amazing Product!

Dr. Sarah's "Arnica Ice" is an amazing product! I was having some shoulder and neck pain for a couple of days from tight muscles. For a while I was unable to turn my head to one side due to the pain. Shortly after I rubbed the "Arnica Ice" lotion on my neck and shoulder, I was able to turn my head without pain! The relief lasted several hours. When the pain returned it was less intense as I was able to stretch the muscles while pain free. Thank you for making great products Dr. Sarah!

Thanks so much... So glad you love this product. Arnica ice is one of our most popular products!