How To Support Your Local Dairy Farmers

How To Support Your Local Dairy Farmers

As a long-time dairy farmer and veterinarian, I can attest to how difficult and rewarding it is to care for dairy cows. Getting milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, and ice cream on your table means your local dairy farmer is busy milking cows 2-3 times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with 0 exceptions. Milking cannot wait for inclement weather to pass, illness to subside, or even family emergencies to be resolved- oh the stories I could tell! 

While you cannot make a farmer's physical work any easier, you can do your part to show support which just might help ease their mental load. June is the perfect time to do that as we celebrate National Dairy Month! This tradition traces its roots back to 1937 when grocer organizations initiated "National Milk Month." Originally, it aimed to distribute surplus milk during the warm summer months, but it has evolved into a joyful tribute to the invaluable contributions of the dairy industry. By 1939, June officially became known as "Dairy Month."

During National Dairy Month, let's show our support to local dairy farmers. Here are a few ways you can join in the celebration and demonstrate your appreciation!

Buy locally produced dairy products: Purchase dairy products directly from local farmers or look for labels indicating locally sourced items. This helps farmers receive fair compensation for their products and supports the local economy. 

Choose organic or sustainable options: When purchasing dairy products, opt for organic or sustainably produced items. These products often adhere to higher animal welfare standards and environmentally friendly practices.

Join community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs: CSA programs allow you to subscribe to a local farm and receive regular deliveries of their products, including dairy items. This provides farmers with a steady income and helps you access fresh, locally sourced dairy products.

Attend farmers markets: Visit farmers markets in your area and specifically seek out dairy farmers. Buying directly from them allows you to connect with the producers, learn about their practices, and support them financially.

Advocate for fair pricing and policies: Stay informed about issues affecting dairy farmers and advocate for fair pricing and policies. Support organizations and initiatives that work towards ensuring farmers receive adequate compensation for their products and have a sustainable livelihood.

Share their story: Help raise awareness about the challenges faced by dairy farmers by sharing their stories and experiences. Utilize social media, write articles, or engage in discussions to promote understanding and support for their profession.

Engage in farm tours and events: Participate in farm tours, open houses, or dairy-related events organized by local farmers. These activities help foster a closer connection between consumers and producers, increasing awareness and support for the dairy industry.

Support agricultural education: Contribute to educational initiatives that promote sustainable farming practices and support the next generation of dairy farmers. By investing in agricultural education, you can help ensure the continuity and vitality of the industry.

Supporting dairy farmers is not limited to a single action. It's an ongoing commitment to prioritize local and sustainable options, advocate for fair practices, and engage with the farming community to foster a mutually beneficial relationship. That being said, go out and indulge with a tall glass of cold milk, some delicious cheese, or a scoop (or two) of your favorite ice cream. Doctors orders!

~ Dr. Sarah Slaby, DVM 

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