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Research studies on Arnica has shown it to be great for healing of injuries such as bruises, sprains, swelling and inflammation. The benefits of its anti-inflammatory properties are that it repairs and strengthens damaged blood vessels that form bruises. It also helps to minimize that bruising and the associated fluid accumulation. These properties are further strengthened by the addition of Turmeric and Calendula Botanical, both of which are benefits to circulatory issues and also promote healing of inflamed or damaged tissue. The essential oils in this blend also have research showing that they are highly effective at killing bacterial, fungal and other infections. Arnica Ointment is used topically for a wide range of conditions, including bruises, sprains, muscle injuries, wound healing, joint pain, inflammation from insect bites, swelling from broken bones and can be helpful with burns.

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De Lice

This hard winter has been extremely difficult on cattle infected with lice. As a vet I have seen cows that have had high fevers, have been off of feed and I have consistently seen a significant drop in whole herd milk production on farms with lice. Signs that can indicate that your cattle have lice would include, lick marks anywhere on their body, and/or hair loss of any kind anywhere on the body, and/or tail twitching and/or cows scratching or rubbing themselves against stalls, gates, etc. We have had excellent results on our own farm and many others have also, using Dr. Sarah's De-Lice & Mange.  It is easy to apply, sprays onto the animal.  During the month of March, De-Lice & Mange is our featured product, and we are offering 10% off on your purchase. Due to the great economic loss due to lice, De-Lice & Mange is a very cost effective solution.

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32 oz. $53.95 - 10% (apr 2014 only)
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